How to clean your cellular blinds

How to clean your cellular blinds

Cellular blinds are one of the emerging trends in window furnishings. And with good cause. You can easily keep yours looking new and stylish, by following these handy cleaning tips.

Key 'celling' points.

Cellular blinds are a fantastic new option for household window furnishing. Their original design enables a number of key benefits. For example, cellular blinds can insulate a home to save on heating and cooling costs, and their ability to provide up to 99% block out is great for privacy and light control.

As a new model with an innovative honeycomb design, cellular blinds are easy to keep clean and maintain. We’ve already discussed the best approaches for cleaning Venetians and roller blinds, so here are our top tips for keeping your brand new cellular blinds looking exactly that: brand new.

Things you'll need:

  • Feather duster/Vacuum cleaner with dusting attachment/Hair dryer
  • Plain white cloth (colours can run and stain lighter fabrics)
  • A drop or two of mild detergent
  • Warm water

Cellular Blinds

  1. General Cleaning

    Like any blinds, the cellular style will eventually gather dust and general house hold debris over time. Using a feather duster or soft dry cloth is an easy way to remove dust particles. Alternatively, a hairdryer set on cold is a great way to blow out the cobwebs (both literally and figuratively) and get your cellular blinds back to their best. A vacuum cleaner with dusting attachment (make sure you’re using a low power setting) will do the trick, too.

  2. Spot Cleaning

    Try to treat the cellular fabric both carefully and gently whenever you’re spot cleaning it. Use a damp plain-white cloth with a very mild detergent, and gently ‘dab’ at the affected area. Harsh rubbing will remove the stiffness and possibly even colour of the fabric, and can also distort its surface. Try to ensure that you don’t crease the fabric throughout the cleaning process.

  3. Insect Removal

    Occasionally, insects may get trapped inside your blind cells. Again, grab a hairdryer set to cold (or similar), or vacuum cleaner, and you can easily blow out any bugs that may have perished.

And that’s it; simple! If you’re interested in seeing more, check out our brand new range of Cellular Blinds now.

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