What is the difference between inside or outside mounted blinds?

What is the difference between inside or outside mounted blinds?

Once you’ve chosen the style and colour of your blinds – whether they’re Venetian, cellular or roller – your next decision is whether to go for an ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ mount.

Although you’ve already chosen a style, this will have an impact on the overall ‘look’ of your blinds. It may also affect the amount of light that comes through on either side of your window frame.

It’s an important choice, but we’re here to help. Watch the video below for more on choosing a mount that will match your room, and meet your needs:

The blinds in this video are from Zone Interiors venetian blinds range.

So, what’s the difference between inside and outside mounted blinds?

Inside mount

An inside mount offers a minimalist, streamlined look. You may get a stream of light coming through on either side of the blind, due to the spacing that’s required to accommodate brackets. An important tip if you’re considering an inside mount: make sure that you have no obstacles that could disrupt the flow of the blind, including larger window sills and window winders.

Outside mount

With an outside mount, the blind is mounted either on the window frame itself, or entirely outside the frame on the wall. Combined with a pelmet (the narrow border of cloth or wood running along the top of the blind, to conceal curtain fittings), an outside mount provides a simple and professional finish, and offers greater stylistic flexibility because the sizing of the blind isn’t as important.

Inside & outside mount Venetian Blinds

Inside & outside mount Roller Blinds

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