How to install your DIY Venetian blinds

How to install your DIY Venetian blinds

The thought of installing your own blinds can be intimidating – until you realise that we’ve taken care of the hard work, by making the installation process as straightforward as possible.

Once you’ve decided on your mounting style and measured your blinds you’re ready to install them! Make sure you’ve got all the tools for the job – including a pencil, drill and drill bit, Phillips head screwdriver, measuring tape, spirit level, step ladder and the instructions included in your pack – and get ready to install your blinds by watching our handy instructional video below:

The blinds in this video are from Zone Interiors venetian blinds range.

Installing your DIY Venetian Blinds

Whether you’ve chosen an inside or outside mount, the installation instructions are the same:

  1. Align the brackets on either side of the window frame. Check to ensure they are aligned evenly and are straight. A spirit level is a great way to check this.
  2. Using a pencil, mark the screw holes on each bracket. 
  3. Use your drill to drill a pilot hole.
  4. Screw the bracket in place.
  5. Holding the blind from underneath the head rail, place the front lip of the head rail into the brackets along the length of the blind. (The head rail is the top rail that houses the lift and tilt mechanism.)
  6. Push the blind towards the window and into place, ensuring you securely clip the blind into the bracket.
  7. Lower the blind. This is so you can add the child safety device.
    Screw the child safety cleat into the window frame/secure wall at no less than 1600mm from the ground. Read instructions carefully to ensure the correct installation of this child safety device.

Install brackets & fit blind

Congratulations! Now with a window complete, you can either sit back and enjoy your handiwork, or get ready to take on the next one.

For more info on Venetian blinds, check out our article on choosing the right material of Venetian for your home. 

Note: This is a general guide only. The process for installing your Venetian blind may differ slightly, so it’s always best to refer to the specific instructions that come with the blind you have selected.   

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