How do I arrange cut-to-size blinds?

All orders for our cut to size service are placed with the retailer. They will contact us once they have received your details. 

How do I install my blinds?

Installing a Zone Interiors product is simple. Installation guides and video tutorials can be viewed on each specific product page. Product pages can be accessed from the main navigation of the Zone Interiors site.

The image above is taken from the product page of our 35mm Nevada Basswood Venetian Blinds. PDF's are accessible from the 'Downloads' tab. You can also search for products using our website search tool.

For additional steps or video guides to installing a Zone Interiors product, we have many handy resources in our DIY Hub. This section of the site contains installation guides and instructions for users. 

Can I cut my own blinds to size?

Making your own modifications will void your product warranty. We provide a cut to size service for a nominal charge. Please go visit your nearest stockist to get information on this service.

The Idaho and Montana curtain tracks won’t open and close on one side

The master plate may have become dislodged, please follow the diagram below to ensure they are working correctly: 

Do you have a someone that can measure and install my blinds?

Zone Interiors Is a cost-effective DIY solution which requires the customer to measure and install their own blinds. If you are not confident in your ability to achieve this, you will need to engage a professional handyman or custom blind service. 

How do I register my warranty?

To register for your product warranty, fill out the registration form online.

Please retain your product receipt for proof of purchase. 

Where can I purchase Zone Interior blinds?

Visit our list of stockists for purchase locations. We are unable to sell direct to the public. 

How do I get a quote or place an order for blinds?

Our online shopping list allows customers to create an order and get a price estimate. To get an exact quote for your selection, take the list to your nearest stockist

Does Zone Interiors custom make blinds?

We do not custom make blinds, but we do provide a cut to size service for certain products (as highlighted) in our existing range. 

Can I pick up my special order directly from Zone Interiors?

No. The order has to be picked up at the store at which the order was submitted.

Can I order spare parts for my blinds?

No. We do not carry spare parts such as slats. Modifying your blinds in any way yourself will void your warranty.